For more than 25 years the Law Offices of Rosenthal, Withem & Zeff have represented the leaders in institutional lending and out-sourcing companies including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, US Bank, Washington Mutual Bank, Premiere Asset Services, Integrated Asset Services, EMC Mortgage Corporation, Nationwide REO Brokers and many others in all aspects of REO and Defaults. Our firm provides the highest quality legal services to the default industry in a practical, timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. An industry leader since 1980, the firm represents the real estate lending industry by offering loss mitigation, title resolution, and specialized REO services. Our goal is to focus on both the practical as well as the legal implications of bankruptcy, eviction, litigation, and loss mitigation. The firm is unique in pioneering the use of Stipulations for Judgment, a practice that  has since been widely adopted by the rest of the default industry...

Rosenthal, Withem & Zeff is committed to maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and personal service. The firm is staffed by experienced paralegals who understand the needs of our institutional clients and investors. Consideration is given to every assignment to determine the most timely and cost efficient manner of resolving all issues of title and/or the possession of the collateral property.

What sets us apart: The partners and associates at Rosenthal, Withem & Zeff believe that the representation of financial institutions is a privilege - one that deserves and commands exemplary service and accelerated timelines. From top to bottom, our staff is well trained, understanding their well defined roles and purposes.  We understand why it is important to treat debtors and tenants with respect, creating a cooperative environment, and to provide our clients with accurate status reports which clearly delineate the pending status of every matter.

The firm has received numerous commendations and awards from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for our dedication to the lending industry for over 30 years.





  •      Foreclosure
  •      Litigation

Specialized Representation

Over 80 years of combined legal experience, with particular specialization in representing financial institutions, real estate law, and litigation.

Personalized Service

Everyone at our firm is knowledgeable and accessible to provide each client with immediate assistance with all their needs.


We have earned our reputation as one of the leading legal firms in California by delivering on our agreements with integrity, and compassion and providing innovative solutions to all of our clients.

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